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Re: Time for the 2.33 release ?

Hi Fangrui, Hi Phil,

> I wish the concern of the newly added objcopy --set-section-alignment
> can be addressed
> before the release.

I have applied the patch to the 2.33 branch, but Phil has already made
the release tarballs.  They have not been uploaded yet, so there is still
a possibility that it might get in.

Phil - the issue is the new --set-section-alignment option for objcopy
which was originally implemented as taking a power-of-two alignment value.
After some discussion however it was decided that it would be clearer to
the users if it took a simple byte alignment value (restricted to being
a power of two valuem ie 1,2,4,8,16, etc).  This is the patch that I have
just checked in to the 2.33 branch (and mainline).  Fangrui has a similar
patch for llvm-objcopy which he would like to check in, so that both tools
behave in the same way.  So, if it is possible, say because you need to
regenerate the tarballs once your key has been accepted, then it would
be very much appreciated if the patch could be included in the 2.33 
release sources.  It is however your choice as to whether this should be 
done, or not.


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