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Re: [PATCH] gas: bad output of double pseudo instruction

Hi Bosco,

> Is there any problem with this patch?

Yes and no.  The basic patch itself was fine, but there were a few
minor problems.  Specifically the code that adds substract_decimal_point
to decimal_exponent needed to be conditional upon OLD_FLOAT_READS
not being defined.  The other issue, was that for a fix like this,
it is always best to include a new test in the assembler testsuite,
just to make sure that the problem stays fixed.

> Is this the right place to submit it?

Not really.  The correct place to report bugs like this is the
binutils bugzilla system:

In this case however I have gone ahead and applied the patch,
added a testcase, and fixed up a few minor formatting issues.


2019-08-22  Bosco García  <>
	    Nick Clifton  <>

	* atof-generic.c (atof_generic): Do not ignore leading zeros if
	they appear after a decimal point.
	* testsuite/gas/all/float.s: Extend test to include a number with
	a leading decimal point followed by several zeroes.
	* testsuite/gas/i386/fp.s: Likewise.
	* testsuite/gas/i386/fp.d: Update expected output.

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