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* Dave Martin:

> Hi there,
> Can you clarify a couple of points about the SysV ABI Linux
> Extensions [1] for me?
> 1) Can there be more than one NT_GNU_PROPERTY_TYPE_0 note in a valid
> ELF file?  I think the answer should be "no".

Yes, if it has been produced by a link editors which does not about
property notes.  The ELF file still needs to be treated as valid, but
the note should be ignored.

> 2) Is is permissible for an ELF ET_EXEC or ET_DYN file that contains
> an NT_GNU_PROPERTY_TYPE_0 property not to have a PT_GNU_PROPERTY phdrs
> entry mapping it?  Except for historical usage by RedHat (which
> apparently can be worked round in userspace) it seems reasonable for
> the answer to be "no", at least for Linux.

Using an older link editor on a CET-enabled distribution will produce
such binaries, too.  The ELF file still needs to be treated as valid,
but the property date should be ignored.

> 3) Is it permissible for the PT_GNU_PROPERTY phdr (if present) to
> map anything other than precisely one NT_GNU_PROPERTY_TYPE_0
> note?  I think the answer should be "no".

Correct.  Additional processing logic in the link editor is needed.

> 4) Is an NT_GNU_PROPERTY_TYPE_0 note allowed to contain two or more
> properties with the same pr_type?  I think the answer should be "no".

H.J. needs to answer that.

> 5) What's the rationale for sorting the properties by pr_type?  I can
> see this would make it easier for the linker to merge
> NT_GNU_PROPERTY_TYPE_0 notes from different files, but I'm wondering
> whether the kernel really needs to enforce the ordering when loading
> an ELF.  The kernel doesn't need to merge property lists together.


> 6) Do you have a view on the best way to define the Elf_Prop type in
> headers?  bfd elf-bfd.h seems to have elf_property, but this doesn't
> follow the style of the public ELF headers.

We should put it into <elf.h> in glibc.  We don't want to rely on UAPI
headers there because this version of <elf.h> is used in many places.


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