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Re: [PATCH 02/10] x86: drop stray W

On 06.08.2019 21:37,  H.J. Lu  wrote:
On Tue, Aug 6, 2019 at 7:25 AM Jan Beulich <> wrote:

The flag is used to indicate opcodes which can be switched between byte
and word/dword/qword forms (in a "canonical" way). Obviously it's quite
odd then to see it on insns not allowing for byte operands in the first
place. As a result the opcode bytes need to be adjusted accordingly,
which includes comparisons done in optimize_encoding().

These encodings do allow byte operand.

By "encodings" I assume you mean the opcodes, not the templates. The
templates modified here all clearly don't allow byte operands, and
that's what counts when considering whether W is applicable.

 The reason why they are in
a separate entry is Cpu64.  Can they be merged without Cpu64?

I don't think they can, let me got through:

--- a/opcodes/i386-opc.tbl
+++ b/opcodes/i386-opc.tbl
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ mov, 2, 0x88, None, 1, 0, D|W|CheckRegSi
   // 64bit value.
   mov, 2, 0xb0, None, 1, 0, W|ShortForm|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf, { Imm8|Imm16|Imm32|Imm32S, Reg8|Reg16|Reg32 }
   mov, 2, 0xc6, 0x0, 1, 0, W|Modrm|No_sSuf|No_ldSuf|HLEPrefixOk=3|Optimize, { Imm8|Imm16|Imm32|Imm32S, Reg8|Reg16|Reg32|Reg64|Byte|Word|Dword|Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
-mov, 2, 0xb0, None, 1, Cpu64, W|ShortForm|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_ldSuf|Optimize, { Imm64, Reg64 }
+mov, 2, 0xb8, None, 1, Cpu64, ShortForm|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_ldSuf|Optimize, { Imm64, Reg64 }

While the Reg64 part would be fine to be merged, I'm not convinced the
Imm64 part can sensibly be (in a regression free manner). Nevertheless
it might be possible, but to be honest I'm not up to investing time
here. If this could be sensibly folded, it shouldn't have been a
separate template to begin with. Furthermore, folding this one when
(see below) the others can't be folded into anything would mean further
(even if just slightly) more complicated code in optimize_encoding().

@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ mov, 2, 0xf21, None, 2, Cpu386|CpuNo64,
   mov, 2, 0xf21, None, 2, Cpu64, D|RegMem|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_ldSuf|NoRex64, { Debug, Reg64 }
   mov, 2, 0xf24, None, 2, Cpu386|CpuNo64, D|RegMem|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf, { Test, Reg32 }
   movabs, 2, 0xa0, None, 1, Cpu64, D|W|No_sSuf|No_ldSuf, { Disp64|Unspecified|Byte|Word|Dword|Qword, Acc|Byte|Word|Dword|Qword }
-movabs, 2, 0xb0, None, 1, Cpu64, W|ShortForm|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_ldSuf, { Imm64, Reg64 }
+movabs, 2, 0xb8, None, 1, Cpu64, ShortForm|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_ldSuf, { Imm64, Reg64 }

movabs is a 64-bit only mnemonic.

@@ -972,10 +972,10 @@ movd, 2, 0xf6e, None, 2, CpuMMX|Cpu64, D
   // In the 64bit mode the short form mov immediate is redefined to have
   // 64bit displacement value.  We put the 64bit displacement first and
   // we only mark constants larger than 32bit as Disp64.
-movq, 2, 0xa0, None, 1, Cpu64, D|W|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf, { Disp64|Unspecified|Qword, Acc|Qword }
-movq, 2, 0x88, None, 1, Cpu64, D|W|Modrm|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|HLEPrefixOk=3, { Reg64, Reg64|Unspecified|Qword|BaseIndex }
-movq, 2, 0xc6, 0x0, 1, Cpu64, W|Modrm|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|HLEPrefixOk=3|Optimize, { Imm32S, Reg64|Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
-movq, 2, 0xb0, None, 1, Cpu64, W|ShortForm|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|Optimize, { Imm64, Reg64 }
+movq, 2, 0xa1, None, 1, Cpu64, D|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf, { Disp64|Unspecified|Qword, Acc|Qword }
+movq, 2, 0x89, None, 1, Cpu64, D|Modrm|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|HLEPrefixOk=3, { Reg64, Reg64|Unspecified|Qword|BaseIndex }
+movq, 2, 0xc7, 0x0, 1, Cpu64, Modrm|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|HLEPrefixOk=3|Optimize, { Imm32S, Reg64|Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
+movq, 2, 0xb8, None, 1, Cpu64, ShortForm|Size64|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|Optimize, { Imm64, Reg64 }
   movq, 2, 0xf37e, None, 1, CpuAVX, Load|Modrm|Vex=1|VexOpcode=0|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|NoRex64|SSE2AVX, { Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex|RegXMM, RegXMM }
   movq, 2, 0x66d6, None, 1, CpuAVX, Modrm|Vex=1|VexOpcode=0|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|NoRex64|SSE2AVX, { RegXMM, Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex|RegXMM }
   movq, 2, 0x666e, None, 1, CpuAVX|Cpu64, D|Modrm|Vex=1|VexOpcode=0|VexW=2|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_lSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf|No_ldSuf|Size64|SSE2AVX, { Reg64|Unspecified|BaseIndex, RegXMM }

There are no suitable movq templates without Cpu64 that these could
be merged with.


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