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Re: [PATCH] MIPS support for GNU hash

Hello Nick,

The section is supposed to be MIPS specific, so I agree that
it should be reflected in the names of the section and the tag.

I have tested this patch for MIPS and x86_64. I built the toolchain
with --enable-targets=all on x86_64 on your suggestion, and it
didn't seem to cause any problems. I'll also build it with
--enable-targets=all on MIPS.

Regarding the issue with the test case you mentioned in the other
email, the test which fails is the one added with this patch.
I'll fix it before submitting the updated patch.


On 28.6.19. 13:08, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Mihailo,

It proposed a new section (.gnu.xhash) and related dynamic tag
I get the impression that this section, and tag, are MIPS specific.
If so then it may be better to include that in the names,  ie .mips.xhash
and DT_MIPS_XHASH.  If, on the other hand, you are intending for this
feature to have a wider appeal, then it would be worth proposing the
changes to the ELF standard committee.

Presumably you have tested this patch for thet target MIPS architecture(s).
Have you also made sure that it does not introduce any problems for other
architectures ?  Have you tried building a toolchain configured with
--enable-targets=all ?

The patch itself looks fine to me, so my only real worry is the issue of
the names for the new section/tags.


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