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RE: i386: Document memory size reference in assembler

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jan Beulich []
> Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 5:07 PM
> To: Cui, Lili <>
> Cc: Zhang, Annita <>; Lu, Hongjiu
> <>; Liu, Hongtao <>; Xiao, Wei3
> <>;
> Subject: RE: i386: Document memory size reference in assembler
> >>> On 25.06.19 at 10:56, <> wrote:
> > Update patch,  separate suffix x/y/z with b/w/d/q .
> Better, but there are still issues: For one you need to look at your formatting.
> I think there are a number of blanks missing. You also start re-flowing
> existing text a little too early (but that's minor, it just makes the diff bigger
> than it needs to be). And then you add mention of "tword" which I think you
> mean to be "tbyte".
> Also - please don't top-post.
> Jan
Update patch, thanks for your careful examination, I modified the formatting and changed "tword" to "tbyte". Thanks.

#define I386_TYPE(t, n) { #t, O_##t##_ptr, { n, n, n } }
    I386_TYPE(byte, 1),
    I386_TYPE(word, 2),
    I386_TYPE(dword, 4),
    I386_TYPE(fword, 6),
    I386_TYPE(qword, 8),
    I386_TYPE(tbyte, 10), 
    I386_TYPE(oword, 16), 
    I386_TYPE(xmmword, 16), 
    I386_TYPE(ymmword, 32), 
    I386_TYPE(zmmword, 64),

Attachment: 0001-i386-Document-memory-size-reference-in-assembler.patch
Description: 0001-i386-Document-memory-size-reference-in-assembler.patch

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