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[PATCH] Fix problem with COFF and plugins

Since the change, LTO has been broken for mingw32 targets specifically (and probably other COFF targets as well). The error is "file not recognized: file format not recognized" for the object file that will be claimed by the plugin. I investigated, and what is going on is as follows:

The object file is recognized as target pe-i386 by the loop in bfd_check_format_matches(). However (since this change) we call _bfd_check_format with the plugin target as well. This causes the input BFD's plugin_format to be set to bfd_plugin_yes. However, because the target of the input file is not yet known, the target of the input BFD's plugin_dummy_bfd is set (via the fallback case in plugin_get_ir_dummy_bfd()) to link_info.output_bfd which in this case is pei-i386 (the output format) instead of pe-i386 (this is not a problem for ELF because the output and object formats are the same).

Then, when plugin_maybe_claim() is called, the real file's BFD is replaced with the dummy one (with the wrong format) and the file doesn't match the format.

There are a few different ways that this could be fixed, and I'm not sure which one is preferred. One would be to change bfd_check_format_matches() to not check the plugin format if we've already found a better format. I don't think that would affect the fix to PR22458.

Another possible fix (for which a patch is attached) is to reset plugin_format after the call to bfd_check_format, so that it is recomputed (this time with sufficient information) and the plugin_dummy_bfd's target is correct. We have done a test pass with this patch and it didn't cause any problems. Is this change okay to commit, or would a change to bfd_check_format_matches() be preferred?




2018-06-10  Andrew Jenner  <>

        * ldfile.c (ldfile_try_open_bfd): Reset plugin_format to
        bfd_plugin_unknown before calling plugin_maybe_claim.

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