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Re: [PATCH][Binutils][AArch64/Arm] Update testcases fixing endiannes and linux targets

Hi Tamar,

> It turns out that the start address across baremetal and linux builds
> isn't entirely predictable without a linker script. 

Do you know about the --entry=<address> linker command line option ?

> Ok for master? and for backport to binutils-2.32?

Yes and yes.
> binutils/ChangeLog:
> 2019-03-26  Tamar Christina  <>
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/aarch64/in-order-all.d: Update.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/aarch64/in-order.d: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/aarch64/out-of-order-all.d: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/aarch64/out-of-order.d: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/aarch64/out-of-order.s: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/arm/in-order-all.d: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/arm/in-order.d: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/arm/out-of-order-all.d: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/arm/out-of-order.d: Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/binutils-all/arm/out-of-order.s: Likewise.


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