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Commit: Take on Dave Brolley's maintainerships

Hi Guys,

  Dave Brolley retired a little while ago, so I am going to be taking
  over his maintainership responsibilities for the FR30, FRV and MEP


2019-03-26  Nick Clifton  <>

	* MAINTAINERS: Take over Dave Brolley's maintainerships for FR30,
	FRV and MEP.

diff --git a/binutils/MAINTAINERS b/binutils/MAINTAINERS
index 98b7e2d5e7..b057435ef6 100644
--- a/binutils/MAINTAINERS
+++ b/binutils/MAINTAINERS
@@ -80,8 +80,8 @@ responsibility among the other maintainers.
   DWARF2	   Jakub Jelinek <>
   dwarf-mode.el    Tom Tromey <>
   EPIPHANY	   Joern Rennecke <>
-  FR30		   Dave Brolley <>
-  FRV		   Dave Brolley <>
+  FR30		   Nick Clifton <>
+  FRV		   Nick Clifton <>
   FRV		   Alexandre Oliva <>
   GOLD		   Ian Lance Taylor <>
   GOLD		   Cary Coutant <>
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ responsibility among the other maintainers.
   M68HC11 M68HC12  Sean Keys <>
   MACH-O           Tristan Gingold <>
   MAXQ		   Inderpreet Singh <>
-  MEP		   Dave Brolley <>
+  MEP		   Nick Clifton <>
   METAG            Markos Chandras <>
   MICROBLAZE	   Michael Eager <>
   MIPS		   Chenghua Xu <>

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