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Re: [PATCH, BFD, LD, AArch64, 0/4] Add support for AArch64 BTI and PAC in the linker

Hi Peter,

> I've got LLD work on my backlog at the moment. It will likely need to
> be coordinated with support for Intel CET

That makes sense.

>>> The document does not appear to specify what the loader should do if
>>> there is more than one GNU_PROPERTY_AARCh64_FEATURE_1_AND note in an
>>> executable.  (Which would be there if the executable had been linked
>>> by a linker that does not know how to merge multiple GNU_PROPERTY notes).

> My initial thought is that if there is more than one
> section in the executable then the static linker
> didn't understand the section and hence we can't assume it did any of
> the required actions like producing different PLT sections. Hence I
> think acting as if there were no sections present
> at all would be a sensible choice.

Agreed.  I would just like to see this clearly specified in the documentation
so that other linker maintainers know where they stand.


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