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Re: [PATCH] RISC-V/GAS: Correct an `expr' global shadowing error for pre-4.8 GCC

On Sat, 3 Feb 2018, Jim Wilson wrote:

> >         gas/
> >         * config/tc-riscv.c (riscv_handle_implicit_zero_offset): Rename
> >         `expr' parameter to `ep'.
> OK.

 Applied, thanks for your review.

> Though this makes me wonder how far back I am expected to support.  I
> think all of my current machines are Ubuntu 16.04 or newer, which
> means gcc-5.4 or newer.  If I need to support older gcc versions, I
> may need to install older OS verions, or at least have them available
> as a chroot.  Looks like Ubuntu 14.04 is gcc-4.8 and Ubuntu 12.04 is
> gcc-4.6, so I'd need something from circa 2012 to find these kinds of
> problems myself.

 I think it's up to you really.  Releases disable `-Werror', so end users 
won't be affected unless they explicitly add this option themselves and 
RISC-V is a recent port, post-dating the affected GCC releases by quite a 
bit, which I suppose means most people working on it will have started 
with a fresh environment, free from these old issues.  So I think the 
impact from these issues is low and it IMHO won't be a big deal if you do 
not proactively look for them in the course of maintaining the port.  
However there's no harm I believe from getting them fixed once discovered.

 It looks like I trip over this twice or so per year across all the 
targets I regression-test in the course of patch submission, so it's not a 
big deal to me.  And most likely I'll get to upgrading GCC sometime as 



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