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[gold commit] PR gold/20346: Print the default for all binary options; clean up --help output

I've done some clean-up of gold's --help text, regularizing some of
the option descriptions and restoring some semblance of alphabetical

PR 20346 complained that the -z relro option should indicate whether
it's the default or not, depending on how gold was configured, so I
went through and added "(default)" automatically to the default half
of all the binary options.

As part of the clean-up, I removed the incorrect mention of DT_FLAGS
from --enable/disable-new-dtags, and I added the missing
--no-eh-frame-hdr option.

        PR gold/20346
        * (One_option::print): Print "(default)" when appropriate.
        * options.h: Clean up and re-sort options.
        (One_option::is_default): New data member.
        (One_option::One_option): Add is_default parameter; adjust all calls.
        (DEFINE_var): Add is_default__ parameter; adjust all calls.
        (DEFINE_bool): Set is_default based on default_value__.
        (DEFINE_bool_ignore): New macro.
        (--no-eh-frame-hdr): New option.
        (--enable-new-dtags): Remove mention of DT_FLAGS.

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