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RE [PATCH for PR 20824] enable --warn-shared-textrel by default

Hi Nick,
  I'm very sorry ,my email system seems broken. When I use the "reply", 
the mail turn out to be empty. I had to create a new mail, hoping this can 
  Thanks for the patient suggestions. I'm not familiar with the 
community(and the rules of course, :) ).
  I'm porting a series of local patches from older binutils to the latest 
2.27(and other toolchain components),and I want to upstream these patches 
at the same time as it's a good time to do such things(I hope this could 
make the world better, and my work better as there will be less local 
patches...). But I have to do the PORTING(which is my main work anyway) 
first. So, Although I am very glad to make the patch better, I can not 
immediately do these improvements as you suggested.

> Just to be clear - why do you feel that this should be the default ?
  In the bug pages, I have described a bad situation. In short , as 
--warn-shared-textrel is disabled by default, a careless user(who forget 
to add -fPIC to his shared libraries) could waste many physical memories 
without any warnings. Gnu-toolchains are now used everywhere in the world, 
So I guess the total amount of such careless users is huge... Meanwhile, 
this warning does not bother people who do things right. 

  At last ,thanks for your suggestions again. I'll be back to do the 
things, later.

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