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Re: [PATCH, ARM 6/7, ping] Allow extension availability to depend on several architecture bits

Hi Thomas,

> Ping?

oops - sorry.

>> *** gas/ChangeLog ***
>> 2015-11-17  Thomas Preud'homme  <>
>>          * config/tc-arm.c
>>          (struct arm_option_extension_value_table): Make allowed_archs an
>> array with 2 entries.
>>          (ARM_EXT_OPT): Adapt to only fill the first entry of allowed_archs.
>>          (ARM_EXT_OPT2): New macro filling the two entries of allowed_archs.
>>          (arm_extensions): Use separate entries in allowed_archs when several
>> archs are allowed to use an extension and change ARCH_ANY in ARM_ARCH_NONE
>> in allowed_archs.
>>          (arm_parse_extension): Check that, for each allowed_archs entry, all
>> bits are set in the current architecture, ignoring ARM_ANY entries.
>> (s_arm_arch_extension): Likewise.
>> *** include/opcode/ChangeLog ***
>> 2015-12-15  Thomas Preud'homme  <>
>>          * arm.h (ARM_CPU_HAS_FEATURE): Add comment.
>>          (ARM_FSET_CPU_SUBSET): Define macro.

Approved - please apply.


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