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v850 ld failure for v850-rtems on master

Hi Pedro,

  Your recent patch to change the architecture names for the V850 has 
  caused a problem for people using custom V850 linker scripts:

  Changing the OUTPUT_ARCH name in the script does work, but the change 
  is not backwards compatible.  Would a patch like this, to add an extra
  entry with the old architecture name, cause problems for GDB ?

diff --git a/bfd/cpu-v850_rh850.c b/bfd/cpu-v850_rh850.c
index e86749b..5639e91 100644
--- a/bfd/cpu-v850_rh850.c
+++ b/bfd/cpu-v850_rh850.c
@@ -34,7 +34,8 @@ static const bfd_arch_info_type arch_info_struct[] =
   R (bfd_mach_v850e2v3, "v850e2v3",    FALSE, & arch_info_struct[3]),
   R (bfd_mach_v850e2,   "v850e2",      FALSE, & arch_info_struct[4]),
   R (bfd_mach_v850e1,   "v850e1",      FALSE, & arch_info_struct[5]),
-  R (bfd_mach_v850e,    "v850e",       FALSE, NULL)
+  R (bfd_mach_v850e,    "v850e",       FALSE, & arch_info_struct[6]),
+  R (bfd_mach_v850,     "v850-rh850",   FALSE, NULL) /* For backwards compatibility.  */
 const bfd_arch_info_type bfd_v850_rh850_arch =

  Your original posting talked about spaces in the architecture name
  causing problems, but this patch does not reintroduce any spaces, so
  maybe it will work ?


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