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Re: [PATCHv2 2/2] gas/opcodes: Add initial arc nps400 support

* Andreas Schwab <> [2016-03-15 14:20:13 +0100]:

> Andrew Burgess <> writes:
> > When binutils is configured for NPS400, by specifying 'mellanox' as the
> > vendor name in the target tuple, then the additional NPS400 instructions
> The vendor name should never be used for target selection.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on this patch.

Do you think you could expand on the above sentence please.  I think
this is probably the same issue that Nick is referring to in a
different mail, but it is not clear.

What precisely do you mean by "target selection", the target, as I
understood it, was the string that included the vendor name.  Do you
mean that the vendor name should never be used to modify the behaviour
of the program being configured?

A follow on to the above then, and please forgive me if this seems
obvious, what is the vendor name for?  Why have it in the target
triplet if it can't modify program behaviour?

And finally, what would your recommended route forward be?  Is it to
create a new cpu type, and just to share the configuration routine
with arc?  And update all arc specific tests to also apply to the new
cpu type?

Again, thanks taking the time to provide this feedback.


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