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[gold commit] PR gold/19019: Add support for STT_SPARC_REGISTER symbols

I've committed the attached patch to better support REGISTER symbols
on Sparc. I've only done limited testing of it with a sparc
cross-assembler; additional native testing on Sparc would be


2016-03-03  Cary Coutant  <>

        PR gold/19019
        * layout.h (Layout::add_target_specific_dynamic_tag): New function.
        * (Layout::add_target_specific_dynamic_tag): New function.
        * (Target_mips::make_symbol): Adjust function signature.
        * (Target_sparc::Target_sparc): Initialize register_syms_.
        (Target_sparc::do_is_defined_by_abi): Remove test for
        (Target_sparc::Register_symbol): New struct type.
        (Target_sparc::register_syms_): New data member.
        (Target_sparc<64, true>::sparc_info): Set has_make_symbol to true.
        (Target_sparc::make_symbol): New function.
        (Target_sparc::do_finalize_sections): Add register symbols and new
        dynamic table entries.
        * symtab.h (Sized_symbol::init_undefined): Add value parameter.
        (Symbol_table::add_target_global_symbol): New function.
        (Symbol_table::target_symbols_): New data member.
        * (Sized_symbol::init_undefined): Add value parameter.
        (Symbol_table::Symbol_table): Initialize target_symbols_.
        (Symbol_table::add_from_object): Pass additional parameters to
        (Symbol_table::define_special_symbol): Likewise.
        (Symbol_table::add_undefined_symbol_from_command_line): Pass 0 for
        undefined symbol value.
        (Symbol_table::set_dynsym_indexes): Process target-specific symbols.
        (Symbol_table::sized_finalize): Likewise.
        (Symbol_table::sized_write_globals): Likewise.
        * target.h (Sized_target::make_symbol): Add name, st_type, object,
        st_shndx, and value parameters.

Attachment: stt-register.patch
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