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Re: [ld/testsuite] Skip "Mixing PIC and non-PIC" testcase on ARM/AArch64 if when no -fpie or -fPIE

On 02/03/16 16:40, H.J. Lu wrote:
On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 8:08 AM, Jiong Wang <> wrote:
Have you looked at the testcase I added? Are there anything
which are target specific?

I do have looked at the testcase, they do be purely C code.

If the convention of generic is syntax generic instead of both syntax and
sematics, I don't have further comment on this.

Anyway, attached patch skips the non-pie version "Mixing PIC and non-PIC"

Not sure if it's trivial enough to qualify obvious, so OK for master

2016-03-02  Jiong Wang  <>


    * ld-elf/shared.exp (mix_pic_and_non_pic): Only run on ARM and AArch64
      when -fPIE or -fpie specified.
That is wrong.  If you don't want to see FAIL, you can skip the whole.
mix_pic_and_non_pic.  Please don't modify mix_pic_and_non_pic.

Then, how about the updated version?

2016-03-02  Jiong Wang  <>


    * ld-elf/shared.exp: Skip "Mixing PIC and non-PIC" on ARM and AArch64
    if -fpie or -fPIE not specified.

Please use setup_xfail instead of skipping.

setup_xfail will actually update one global xfail related flag which affect the pass/fail after it. so you must put "setup_xfail" accurately before the fail you
want to xfail or the pass you want to xpass.

For this particularly testcase, I can only think of putting a setup_xfail just before the "fail $testname" inside mix_pic_and_non_pic, then we come back to
modify mix_pic_and_non_pic which you said don't.

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