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Re: MinGW ld from msys2 crashes on Wine when linking MinGW xz, valgrind reports "Invalid read of size 4"

Hi Qian,

I'm glad to test the development version, it would take me some time
to build binutils itself. I'll report a bug later when I successfully
reproduce it with newer binutils.


I can't reproduce it with small test case right now, I'll start from
the large test case and investigate further, if there is any hints how
to create a small test case from large test case that would be great

Ah - this can be quite difficult. If you are lucky then it is just one object file in the link that is causing the problem, so you can try removing files one by one from the linker command line, making sure that the failure still occurs. If that does not work, then it will probably be best just to stick with the large test case. Just make sure to include the linker command line that is needed and all the object files and libraries that are involved.


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