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[PATCH, binutils/ARM] Make CPS unavailable for ARMv7e-M


According to the ARM Architecture Reference Manuals, the cps instruction with immediate is only available for ARMv6t2 and ARMv7 in the A and R profiles. ARMv7-M ARM only lists cpsie and cpsid being available. Yet, gas currently accept cps with an immediate for -march=armv7e-m. This patch moves the definition of CPS to be in the group of instructions available to ARMv6 or later architectures supporting non Thumb instructions.

ChangeLog entry is as follows:

*** gas/ChangeLog ***

2015-10-15  Thomas Preud'homme  <>

        * config/tc-arm.c (insns): Guard cps by arm_ext_v6_notm instead of

diff --git a/gas/config/tc-arm.c b/gas/config/tc-arm.c
index efc522a..49b36c7 100644
--- a/gas/config/tc-arm.c
+++ b/gas/config/tc-arm.c
@@ -18892,11 +18892,11 @@ static const struct asm_opcode insns[] =
   UF(srsed,	8400500,	   2, (oRRw, I31w),		   srs),
  TUF("srsdb",	9400500, e800c000, 2, (oRRw, I31w),		   srs,  srs),
  TUF("srsfd",	9400500, e800c000, 2, (oRRw, I31w),		   srs,  srs),
+ TUF("cps",	1020000, f3af8100, 1, (I31b),			  imm0, t_cps),
 /*  ARM V6 not included in V7M (eg. integer SIMD).  */
 #define THUMB_VARIANT  & arm_ext_v6_dsp
- TUF("cps",	1020000, f3af8100, 1, (I31b),			  imm0, t_cps),
  TCE("pkhbt",	6800010, eac00000, 4, (RRnpc, RRnpc, RRnpc, oSHll),   pkhbt, t_pkhbt),
  TCE("pkhtb",	6800050, eac00020, 4, (RRnpc, RRnpc, RRnpc, oSHar),   pkhtb, t_pkhtb),
  TCE("qadd16",	6200f10, fa90f010, 3, (RRnpc, RRnpc, RRnpc),	   rd_rn_rm, t_simd),

Testsuite shows no regression.

Best regards,


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