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Re: [PATCH] - objcopy --extract-symbol clears e_flags ELF header field

I keep talking to myself:

On Sun, 18 Oct 2015, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
> That's because objcopy --extract-symbol hacks in a start-address
> 0 instead of letting it be or consulting the target (new
> framework may be needed).  Why does it change the start-address?
> The symbols are left, so why zero the start-adress; why is that
> more logical than keeping it when removing all contents?
> If the answer is ELF-related, I think it'd be up to ELF bits to
> handle the start-address-zeroing.

Sigh.  It's deliberate and documented.  Alas, already in the
original post from 2007 it is mentioned that the actual reasons
are historical and unknown. :(

Though, the start-address part is *not* tested by the added
testcases (AFAICS without hacking).

It was also deliberate (and mentioned in the ChangeLog) at the
time to not copy private BFD data, but at least that part wasn't
documented. :P  (Not that I can think of a reason to thus deny
the target to fix and check target-specific output-format
consistensies.)  I guess I'll just have to hack mmo.c to not do
the start-address = Main check if there's no section contents,
using that hook.

brgds, H-P

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