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Re: [PATCH] x86/Intel: fix mask instructions decoding.

On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 10:58 AM, Alexander Fomin
<> wrote:
> For most of mask instructions, ModRM[7:6] must be 11b.
> For some of them, ModRM[7:6] must be not 11b.
> The patch makes decoder to conform these constraints.
> opcodes/
>         PR binutils/18257
>         * i386-dis.c Use MOD_TABLE for most of mask instructions.
>         (MOD enum) Add MOD_VEX_W_0_0F41_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F41_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F41_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F41_P_2_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F42_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F42_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F42_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F42_P_2_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F44_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F44_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F44_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F44_P_2_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F45_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F45_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F45_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F45_P_2_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F46_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F46_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F46_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F46_P_2_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F47_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F47_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F47_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F47_P_2_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F4A_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F4A_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F4A_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F4A_P_2_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F4B_P_0_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_1_0F4B_P_0_LEN_1,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F4B_P_2_LEN_1, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F91_P_0_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F91_P_0_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F91_P_2_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F91_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F92_P_0_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F92_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F92_P_3_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F92_P_3_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F93_P_0_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_0_0F93_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F93_P_3_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F93_P_3_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F98_P_0_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F98_P_0_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F98_P_2_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F98_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F99_P_0_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F99_P_0_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F99_P_2_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F99_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F3A30_P_2_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F3A30_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F3A31_P_2_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F3A31_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F3A32_P_2_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F3A32_P_2_LEN_0, MOD_VEX_W_0_0F3A33_P_2_LEN_0,
>         MOD_VEX_W_1_0F3A33_P_2_LEN_0.
>         (vex_w_table) Replace terminals with MOD_TABLE entries for
>         most of mask instructions.

Please add testcases for bad opcodes to disassem.s
and  x86-64-disassem.s with ".byte 0xNN, ..." to verify
this bug has been fixed correctly.



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