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Re: [PATCH] ld: Add '--defined' command line option.

Hi Andrew,

I like this patch in principle, but there are a few problems with it at the moment:

* Is this patch really necessary ? Can the same affect not be achieved by combining --undefined= and --no-undefined ? If not, why not ?

* I think that the name of the option, --defined is slightly confusing. When I first read your submission I thought that it meant that a defined symbol was being created, ie that it was an alias of --defsym. So how about a different name ? For example --no-allow-undef=<foo>. [This version might even be extended so the the inverse option --allow-undef=<foo> would stop --no-undefined from complaining if that particular symbol was undefined]. Or how about --undefined-and-err= so that the connection with --undefined is more obvious ?

* The documentation needs to be extended. You need an entry in the ld/NEWS file and an update to the --undefined entry in ld/ld.texinfo referring the reader to the new option and explaining why they might want to use it instead.

* The new tests need to be extend to make sure that the linker does not complain if the defined symbol does exist, and that the new option does duplicate the behaviour of the --undefined option.


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