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ALIGN directive showing different behavior than documented


Andreas Fritiofson reported at an issue regarding the ALIGN directive in linker scripts. As he points out the documentation says "ALIGN(align) is equivalent to ALIGN(., align)".

See below an expanded version of his example.

echo > test.c

cat test.ld
align = 0x100;

   .section_with_unaligned_end :
     test_section1 = .;
     . += 0x1234;
   .test :
     test0 = .;
     . += 0xabcd;
     test1 = .;
     . = ALIGN(align);
     test2 = .;
     test3 = ALIGN(., align);
     . = ALIGN(align);
     test4 = .;
     . += 0x22;
     test6 = ALIGN(., align);
     test7 = ALIGN(align);
     test8 = ALIGN(., align);
   /DISCARD/ : { *(*) }

$ arm-none-eabi-gcc test.c -T test.ld

$ arm-none-eabi-nm a.out | grep test
00001234 B test0
0000be01 B test1
0000bf00 B test2
0000bf34 B test3
0000bf00 B test4
0000bf34 B test5
00000000 B test_section1

As you can see I expanded his test with a couple more ALIGN calls to do a bit more exploring. They are obviously different so the documentation is misleading at best. Furthermore, as Andreas points out it seems that the binary operator calculates it's alignment relative to the start of the section. In this example, the start of section test this is 0x1234.

After some digging I found that the unary operator uses the expression '' whereas the binary operator uses 'lhs.value'. The first gives an absolute value, whereas the second seems to hold a relative value to the section start.

The fact that the unary operator uses new_rel_from_abs did raise some flags with me. Not entirely sure what the function is doing there.

This leaves with some uncertainties to whether it's just a documentation issue or a faulty code. Please advise!

Thank you in advance for the time spent on this, I know your plates are already quite full!

Kind Regards,
Andre Vieira

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