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Re: Warnings regarding errata fixed and mapping symbol missing

> Now our customers are able to run arm-gold and aarch64-gold with all
> necessary errata fixes (thanks for the review). Now the next problem
> is that gold report warnings regarding errata being fixed and mapping
> symbols being missing, since Android/Chrome build script treats
> warnings as errors, the warnings are annoying. Also one justification
> for silencing them is that bfd gives no warning for such at all.
> (Actually we chrome land has a local patch for 2.24/2.25 that disables
> missing mapping symbols warning.)
> I don't know if this had been discussed before, but is there an option
> to silence these 2 warnings for gold? If not, could we add options to
> silence these 2 warnings? What do you think?

How about changing the errata-fixed warnings to info messages? I see
no reason why they should be warnings -- you've asked the linker to
fix errata that are fully expected.

For the warning about missing mapping symbols, it seems to me that the
warning is justified -- if you ask it to scan for errata, but you
can't, the user ought to be told about it. Why is that not something
that should be fixed on the compiler side? If it's considered a normal
case, and an absence of mapping symbols implies that the linker
doesn't *need* to scan that section for errata, then just remove the
warning. But if there's a real possibility that the section might have
instruction sequences that need stubs, I'd want to keep the warning,
and pressure the compiler to fix it.


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