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[PATCH, moxie] Use official ELF machine number

Moxie was just assigned an official ELF machine number.  I'm checking
this in to reflect the change.



>From bdf...

2015-01-09  Anthony Green  <>

	* elf32-moxie.c (ELF_MACHINE_ALT1): Define.

diff --git a/bfd/elf32-moxie.c b/bfd/elf32-moxie.c
index d9fc24f..51b0cfc 100644
--- a/bfd/elf32-moxie.c
+++ b/bfd/elf32-moxie.c
@@ -371,6 +371,7 @@ moxie_elf_check_relocs (bfd *abfd,
 #define ELF_ARCH		bfd_arch_moxie
 #define ELF_MAXPAGESIZE		0x1
 #define TARGET_BIG_SYM          moxie_elf32_be_vec

>From include/elf...

2015-01-09  Anthony Green  <>

	* common.h (EM_MOXIE): Redefine to official number.
	(EM_MOXIE_OLD): Define (from old number).

diff --git a/include/elf/common.h b/include/elf/common.h
index a564cae..f584e34 100644
--- a/include/elf/common.h
+++ b/include/elf/common.h
@@ -302,6 +302,7 @@
 #define EM_INTEL208	208	/* Reserved by Intel */
 #define EM_INTEL209	209	/* Reserved by Intel */
 #define EM_VISIUM	221	/* Controls and Data Services VISIUMcore processor */
+#define EM_MOXIE        223     /* Moxie processor family */
 /* If it is necessary to assign new unofficial EM_* values, please pick large
    random numbers (0x8523, 0xa7f2, etc.) to minimize the chances of collision
@@ -394,7 +395,8 @@
 #define EM_CYGNUS_MEP		0xF00D  /* Toshiba MeP */
-#define EM_MOXIE                0xFEED  /* Moxie */
+/* Old, unofficial value for Moxie.  */
+#define EM_MOXIE_OLD            0xFEED
 /* Old Sunplus S+core7 backend magic number. Written in the absence of an ABI.  */
 #define EM_SCORE_OLD            95

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