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Don't access elf tdata in dwarf.c without first checking for an ELF bfd

_bfd_dwarf2_find_nearest_line may be called on a COFF bfd.  Applying
master and 2.25 branch.

	* dwarf2.c (read_address): Check bfd_target_elf_flavour before
	calling get_elf_backend_data.
	(_bfd_dwarf2_find_nearest_line): Fix parens.

diff --git a/bfd/dwarf2.c b/bfd/dwarf2.c
index 8375da4..93236a6 100644
--- a/bfd/dwarf2.c
+++ b/bfd/dwarf2.c
@@ -745,7 +745,10 @@ read_alt_indirect_ref (struct comp_unit * unit,
 static bfd_uint64_t
 read_address (struct comp_unit *unit, bfd_byte *buf)
-  int signed_vma = get_elf_backend_data (unit->abfd)->sign_extend_vma;
+  int signed_vma = 0;
+  if (bfd_get_flavour (unit->abfd) == bfd_target_elf_flavour)
+    signed_vma = get_elf_backend_data (unit->abfd)->sign_extend_vma;
   if (signed_vma)
@@ -3849,7 +3852,7 @@ _bfd_dwarf2_find_nearest_line (bfd *abfd,
-						     stash)) > 0;
+						     stash) != 0);
 	  if ((bfd_vma) (stash->info_ptr - stash->sec_info_ptr)
 	      == stash->sec->size)

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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