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[Patch, AArch64, BFD, LD] Cortex-A53 erratum 835769 linker workaround.


Some early revisions of the Cortex-A53 have an erratum (835769) whereby
it is possible for a 64-bit multiply-accumulate instruction in AArch64 state to generate an incorrect result. The details are quite complex and hard to determine statically, since branches in the code may exist in some circumstances, but all cases end with a memory (load, store, or
prefetch) instruction followed immediately by the multiply-accumulate

We employ a linker patching technique, whereby we move the potentially
affected multiply-accumulate instruction into a patch region and
replace the original instruction with a branch to the patch.

This patch achieves the linker patch. Also, a patch to turn this on from the compiler driver has been submitted independently to the gcc lists.

The fix is disabled by default and can be turned on by the
--fix-cortex-a53-835769 linker option.

Tested on aarch64-none-linux-gnu (and bootstrap with the option) and built and run various large benchmarks with it.

Ok for trunk?



2014-10-22  Tejas Belagod  <>

	* bfd-in.h (bfd_elf64_aarch64_set_options): Add a parameter.
	* bfd-in2.h (bfd_elf64_aarch64_set_options): Likewise.
	* elfnn-aarch64.c (aarch64_erratum_835769_stub): New.
	(elf_aarch64_stub_type): Add new type 		
	(elf_aarch64_stub_hash_entry): New fields for erratum 835769.
	(aarch64_erratum_835769_fix): New data struct to record erratum
	(elf_aarch64_link_hash_table: Global flags for 835769.
	(aarch64_build_one_stub): Add case for 835769.
	(aarch64_size_one_stub): Likewise.
	(aarch64_mem_op_p, aarch64_mlxl_p, 	
	New. Decode and scan functions for erratum 835769.
	(elf_aarch64_create_or_find_stub_sec): New.
	(elfNN_aarch64_size_stubs): Look for erratum 835769 and record
	(bfd_elfNN_aarch64_set_options: Set global flag for 835769.
	make_branch_to_erratum_835769_stub):New. Connect up all the
	erratum stubs to occurances by branches.
	(elfNN_aarch64_write_section): New hook.
	(aarch64_map_one_stub): Output erratum stub symbol.
	(elfNN_aarch64_size_dynamic_sections): Init mapping symbol
	information for erratum 835769.
	(elf_backend_write_section): Define.

	* emultempl/aarch64elf.em: Add command-line option for erratum


	* ld-aarch64/aarch64-elf.exp (aarch64elftests): Drive erratum
	835769 tests.
	* ld-aarch64/erratum835769.d: New.
	* ld-aarch64/erratum835769.s: New.

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