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Re: [PATCH V2 0/9] Add support for the SPARC M7 cpu to binutils

From: "Jose E. Marchesi" <>
Date: Tue,  7 Oct 2014 16:48:24 +0200

> [Changes in this version of the patches:
>   - The RANDOM, TRANS and ASI_CACHE_SPARING hwcaps have been kept in
>     Tag_GNU_Sparc_HWCAPS, as discussed in the mailing list.  The
>     FJATHHPC, FJDES and JFAES bits have been added to
>     Tag_GNU_Sparc_HWCAPS2 instead of changing the meaning of the bits
>     in Tag_GNU_Sparc_HWCAPS1.
>   - Use bfd_uint64_t instead of `unsigned long' to guarantee 64 bits.
>   - Typo fixed in `gas: new SPARC architectures: sparc5, v9m and
>     v8plusm.': v9x -> v9m.]

This series looks fine to me.

>    host                          target
>    ----                          ------
>    sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu     sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu
>    x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu      sparc64-unkwnon-linux-gnu
> No visible regressions found.

Can you please also test sparc-unknown-linux-gnu builds, that's what
every distribution is going to do, and such a build fully includes
64-bit support.  And hey the binaries are faster too. :-)


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