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[gold commit] Strip .debug_gnu_pubnames/types when building gdb index

When building a .gdb_index section, gold should strip .debug_gnu_pubnames and
.debug_gnu_pubtypes sections, as it does for .debug_pubnames and
.debug_pubtypes. When not stripping those sections, there was a bug
where gold was incorrectly adjusting section-relative offsets by the offset
of the input section within the output section. That adjustment was both
unnecessary and wrong, causing gold to miss a number of debug entries that
should have been added to .gdb_index. (With stripping, the adjustment was
always 0, so the bug in would have been hidden by the change


2014-06-06  Cary Coutant  <>

	* dwarf_reader.h (Dwarf_pubnames_table): Remove output_section_offset_.
	* (Dwarf_pubnames_table::read_section): Likewise.
	(Dwarf_pubnames_table::read_header): Likewise.
	* (gdb_fast_lookup_sections): Add .debug_gnu_pubnames and

diff --git a/gold/ b/gold/
index bc9e85f..df14bd5 100644
--- a/gold/
+++ b/gold/
@@ -505,13 +505,11 @@ Dwarf_pubnames_table::read_section(Relobj* object, const unsigned char* symtab,
       if (strcmp(section_name_suffix, name) == 0)
           shndx = i;
-          this->output_section_offset_ = object->output_section_offset(i);
       else if (strcmp(section_name_suffix, gnu_name) == 0)
           shndx = i;
-          this->output_section_offset_ = object->output_section_offset(i);
           this->is_gnu_style_ = true;
@@ -560,11 +558,6 @@ Dwarf_pubnames_table::read_header(off_t offset)
   // Make sure we have actually read the section.
   gold_assert(this->buffer_ != NULL);
-  // Correct the offset.  For incremental update links, we have a
-  // relocated offset that is relative to the output section, but
-  // here we need an offset relative to the input section.
-  offset -= this->output_section_offset_;
   if (offset < 0 || offset + 14 >= this->buffer_end_ - this->buffer_)
     return false;
diff --git a/gold/dwarf_reader.h b/gold/dwarf_reader.h
index 8dd62ad..cac413b 100644
--- a/gold/dwarf_reader.h
+++ b/gold/dwarf_reader.h
@@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ class Dwarf_pubnames_table
     : dwinfo_(dwinfo), buffer_(NULL), buffer_end_(NULL), owns_buffer_(false),
       offset_size_(0), pinfo_(NULL), end_of_table_(NULL),
       is_pubtypes_(is_pubtypes), is_gnu_style_(false),
-      output_section_offset_(0), unit_length_(0), cu_offset_(0)
+      unit_length_(0), cu_offset_(0)
   { }
@@ -455,11 +455,6 @@ class Dwarf_pubnames_table
   // Gnu-style pubnames table. This style has an extra flag byte between the
   // offset and the name, and is used for generating version 7 of gdb-index.
   bool is_gnu_style_;
-  // For incremental update links, this will hold the offset of the
-  // input section within the output section.  Offsets read from
-  // relocated data will be relative to the output section, and need
-  // to be corrected before reading data from the input section.
-  uint64_t output_section_offset_;
   // Fields read from the header.
   uint64_t unit_length_;
   off_t cu_offset_;
diff --git a/gold/ b/gold/
index 147f740..c5c3b57 100644
--- a/gold/
+++ b/gold/
@@ -563,7 +563,9 @@ static const char* gdb_fast_lookup_sections[] =
+  "gnu_pubnames",
+  "gnu_pubtypes",
 // Returns whether the given debug section is in the list of

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