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Re: [Mach-O, committed]: Add definition for arm64 cpu

On 26 Mar 2014, at 17:49, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:

> On 26/03/14 16:43, Marcus Shawcroft wrote:
>> On 26 March 2014 16:34, Tristan Gingold <> wrote:
>>> In fact it is consistent with the macro name defined by Apple :-(
>>> Hard to be consistent with two non-consistent usages.
>> That justification does not hold for the name string in bfd_mach_o_cpu_name[].
>> /Marcus
> Nor does it hold for the internal names, eg BFD_MACH_O_CPU_TYPE_ARM64

This is not an internal name, but was derived from an Apple header file.  Compare
the definition of bfd_mach_o_cpu_type with:

#define CPU_TYPE_MC98000        ((cpu_type_t) 10)
#define CPU_TYPE_HPPA           ((cpu_type_t) 11)
#define CPU_TYPE_ARM            ((cpu_type_t) 12)
#define CPU_TYPE_ARM64          (CPU_TYPE_ARM | CPU_ARCH_ABI64)
#define CPU_TYPE_MC88000        ((cpu_type_t) 13)
#define CPU_TYPE_SPARC          ((cpu_type_t) 14)
#define CPU_TYPE_I860           ((cpu_type_t) 15)
/* skip CPU_TYPE_ALPHA          ((cpu_type_t) 16)       */
/* skip                         ((cpu_type_t) 17)       */
#define CPU_TYPE_POWERPC                ((cpu_type_t) 18)

I added BFD_MACH_O_ prefix as a namespace.


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