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Re: [PATCH] add CodeComposer Studio assembly syntax compatibility support

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 10:31 AM, Nicholas Clifton <> wrote:
> Hi Daniel,

Hi Nick,

>   Sorry for the long delay in reviewing this patch.
>   Unfortunately I do not like the approach of converting the comment_chars
> and line_separator_chars arrays in *all* targets to non-constant versions.
> GAS already has a solution for the comment_chars array - defining
> tc_comment_chars - and it is a relatively simply affair to extend this to
> handle line_separator_chars as well.

Nice, I didn't see that, of course this is a cleaner and simpler solution.

>   Also your patch adds a new command line option -mccs, but it does not
> include any documentation of it in gas/doc/c-arm.texi or gas/NEWS.

Sorry about that, I only updated as.texinfo.

>   So... please have a look at the attached variant patch and let me know if
> this is acceptable to you.

Yes, looks OK. Could you please commit it for me since I don't think I
have write access?



> Cheers
>   Nick


Daniel F. Gutson
Chief Engineering Officer, SPD

San Lorenzo 47, 3rd Floor, Office 5

Córdoba, Argentina

Phone: +54 351 4217888 / +54 351 4218211

Skype: dgutson

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