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Re: [RFC][PATCH][ld][testsuite] Add -ffat-lto-objects option to some ld tests

On 26/11/13 14:58, H.J. Lu wrote:
On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 6:55 AM, Kyrill Tkachov <> wrote:
On 26/11/13 14:36, H.J. Lu wrote:
On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 6:32 AM, Kyrill Tkachov <>
Hi all,

I'm seeing some ld testsuite failures on arm-none-linux-gnueabi and
aarch64-none-linux-gnu after a recent gcc commit (r205065) that set
-fno-fat-lto-objects as the default:

PASS->FAIL: LTO 3 symbol
PASS->FAIL: PR ld/12758
PASS->FAIL: PR ld/12760
PASS->FAIL: PR ld/13183

It seems that these tests need -ffat-lto-objects, at least on arm and
aarch64, but I'm not sure I understand the structure of these ld tests

Could someone please comment on whether this is the correct approach?
CC'ing H.J. since he wrote the lto.exp file.

Does -ffat-lto-objects always work when -flto is supported?
If yes, OK for trunk.

The gcc manual says about -ffat-lto-objects: " This option is effective only
when compiling with -flto and is ignored at link time".
I'd think that it's supposed to always work with -flto.

Was -ffat-lto-objects added together with -flto?
Hmmm... it seems not. -ffat-lto-objects exists in 4.7 but not in 4.6. -flto was added in 4.6.


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