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Re: [PATCH v2] Make PE images deterministic by default.

Hi Cory,
2013-11-21  Cory Fields  <>
     * bfd/libcoff-in.h: Add insert_timestamp flag to the pe_data struct.
     * bfd/libcoff.h: Update after change to bfd/libcoff-in.h.
     * bfd/peXXigen.c (_bfd_XXi_only_swap_filehdr_out): Only use a real
       timestamp if --insert-timestamp was used.
     * ld/pe-dll.c (fill_edata): Likewise.
     * ld/emultempl/pe.em: Add the --insert-timestamp option.
     * ld/emultempl/pep.em: Likewise for 64bit.
     * ld/ld.texinfo:  Document the --insert-timestamp option.

Approved - please apply - but ...

Strictly speaking there should be *two* changelog entries accompanying this patch. One for bfd/ChangeLog and one for ld/ChangeLog. Plus there should be no modification to the binutils/ChangeLog file as this is for additions to that sub-directory.

It would be nice if at some point in the future you could create a couple of testcases to make sure that this new functionality continues to work into the future.


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