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Re: Release 2.24

On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:
>>  Although if you expect the delay between binutils 2.24 and GDB 7.7 to
>> stay within a couple weeks, e.g. if you think you'll be able to roll the
>> latter out by say mid December,
> We might be able to achieve that timeframe, but it would be very hard
> for me to guaranty it. From past experience, event if we started today,
> I don't remember any release cycle that took less than a month so
> we are already looking at a Xmas release at best.
> Here is what I propose:
>    . Let's confirm the list of patches needed for the 7.6 branch
>      (is there just the one in binutils?)
>    . Get them approved, and pushed to the gdb_7_6-branch
>    . I will need from you a small description of what this release
>      is about. It will save me time and make sure I also don't say
>      something incorrect if I can just copy/paste that text directly
>      in the web + email announcements.
>    . Once that's done, I have 2 options:
>        (1) Create the new relase off the git repository, but create
>            the release either manually or with the new scripts;

Create a tarball from git is very straight forward.  I put .gitattribues:;a=blob;f=.gitattributes;h=15caafcf45711c658217db66862e93e56615e31a;hb=refs/heads/hjl/linux/applied

on hjl/linux/applied branch for Linux binutils to ignore GDB files.
I created a tag for release;a=commit;h=2fba13a799a2f6550595247ae8fe35bac016485d

Then I do

# git archive --format=tar --prefix=binutils/
hjl/linux/release/ > binutils-

It creates a tarball for my binutils release.  You just need a different
.gitattribues for GDB,


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