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Re: [PATCH] gprof: print source file names inline

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for the patch. Sorry for taking so long to reply. To answer your questions:

  - Any interest at all in such an addition?

Yes. :-)

  - What changes may be required in terms of style, naming conventions,

Nope - the patch is fine. The only thing missing was a changelog entry, but I have provided that.

  - If the previous items are resolved, can patches be contributed by
    mail or should I set up a repo that you can pull & merge from?

By mail is fine.  In fact I will take this email as the contribution.

I have applied the patch along with the changelog entry below.


2013-11-21  Conrad Hoffmann  <>

	* gprof.c (inline_file_names): New variable.
	(long_options): Add --inline-file-names.
	(usage): Likewise.
	(main): Process --inline-file-names.
	* gprof.h: Add prototype for inline_file_names.
	* utils.c (print_name_only): Handle inline_file_names.
	* gprof.texi: Document new command line option.

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