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Re: [PATCH 0/9] PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI support.


Could you point me to the ELFv2 ABI documentation and has it been 
registered anywhere official? My googling doesn't seem to be finding



On 10/29/2013 07:19 PM, Alan Modra wrote:> This patch series makes the changes necessary in binutils to support
> the updated PowerPC64 ABI, which we're calling ELFv2.  Two major
> changes from the previous ABI are
> - No function descriptors.
>    Functions set up their got/toc pointer as necessary on entry.  The
>    plt consists of single dword addresses.  Function pointers point at
>    the function code.  To make this work efficiently with static
>    linking, functions have *two* entry points, one we call the "global
>    entry" and another we call the "local entry".  The global entry
>    point is the address stored in function pointers, and it is a
>    requirement that calls to the global entry point have that address
>    in r12.  This is no hardship since calls via function pointers or
>    the plt will always use a sequence that loads the address into a
>    general purpose register, moves it to the count register, then
>    branches to the count register.  We just needed to make sure r12 was
>    the gpr used.  The "local entry" is used when the toc pointer is
>    known to already be valid for the function, typically true for
>    static linking, allowing the toc pointer setup to be skipped.
> - Reduced stack frame size.
>    We removed the compiler and linker save words, and removed the
>    parameter save area for most functions.  This means the minimum
>    stack frame overhead is reduced from 112 bytes to 32 bytes (for
>    functions that need a frame), and many functions will used just the
>    minimum.  After some debate, we decided to keep the stack back-chain
>    word.
> The ABI's are incompatible.  It won't be possible to link old objects
> with new except in rare cases, or to use old shared libraries with new
> executables at run time.
> The first two patches in this series make changes that affect the old
> ABI too, the first one fixing a hole in the PowerPC64 ABI, and the
> second one makes all stubs conform with the ELFv2 ABI requirement on
> r12.

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