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Make gas/mips/mips.exp ELF-only

This patch removes the non-ELF support from the MIPS GAS testsuite.

*-openbsd was still being classed as aout, even though the modern port
is ELF.  *-freebsd and *-kfreebsd-gnu weren't being handled at all,
so most of the testsuite was skipped.  All three, along with *-netbsd,
are tradmips targets, so tmips should be "t" for them.  This fixes
two MIPS16 reloc failures on NetBSD.

Tested on the same targets as before and applied.


	* gas/mips/mips.exp: Remove "LOSE" comments.
	(run_dump_test_arch): Remove format selector support.
	(run_dump_test_arches): Remove associated upvars.
	(elf, ecoff, aout, no_mips16, no_micromips): Remove variables.
	Remove all conditions based on them, on the assumption that $elf
	is true and the others are false.  Rename "elf-jal" to "jal".
	(tmips): Set to "t" for *bsd targets.
	* gas/mips/elf-jal.d: Rename to...
	* gas/mips/jal.d: ...this, replacing the old file.
	* gas/mips/micromips@elf-jal.d: Rename to...
	* gas/mips/micromips@jal.d: ...this.
	* gas/mips/at-1.d, gas/mips/ld.d, gas/mips/l_d.d, gas/mips/lui.d,
	gas/mips/mips1@l_d.d, gas/mips/mips1@ld-forward.d, gas/mips/mips1@ld.d,
	gas/mips/mips1@s_d.d, gas/mips/s_d.d, gas/mips/sd.d: Remove ECOFF
	relocation names.  Do not allow any offset on the symbol.

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