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Broken objdump in binutils-2.23.1 for DJGPP (coff-go32) ( bfd_find_nearest_line_discriminator).

A couple of days ago I compiled binutils-2.23.1 for DJGPP (coff-go32).
The produced objdump program does not work as it used to work in binutils-2.22.
If the -S and/or -l options are given no debug information like line numbers or
code lines are shown.  Only assembler code is displayed.  An inspection of
objdump.c shows that in function show_line the line:
 if (! bfd_find_nearest_line (abfd, section, syms, addr_offset, &filename,
has been changed to:
  if (! bfd_find_nearest_line_discriminator (abfd, section, syms, addr_offset,

A futher inspection of libbfd.c shoows that _bfd_generic_find_nearest_line_discriminator
always returns false inhibiting the output of line numbers and code lines.
An inspection of the bfd repository shows that coff_find_nearest_line_discriminator
has been implemented in coffgen.c revision 1.85 (2012-10-18).
Was it intentional that this fix was not committet into binutils-2.23.1?
There may be other users of plain COFF systems that will have broken objdump
and addr2line programs.

Juan M. Guerrero

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