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Re: [RFA] PowerPC VLE port - opcodes update


> Unfortunately, this isn't the only occurrence of two instructions with the same
> major and minor opcodes that are enabled at the same time with -mvle.  There are
> actually quite a few of them. :(  Doing a quick scan, I see these conflicting
> instructions:
> {"evaddw",      VX (4, 512),    VX_MASK,     PPCSPE|PPCVLE, PPCNONE,    {RS, RA, RB}},
> {"vaddubs",     VX (4, 512),    VX_MASK,     PPCVEC|PPCVLE, PPCNONE,    {VD, VA, VB}},


 All these instructions are valid in the VLE mode depending on what a 
given processor implements.  The logic to interpret the PPCVLE 
(PPC_OPCODE_VLE) flag should IMHO be changed such that in the VLE mode 
(-mvle) it does not enable any instruction such marked unconditionally.

 The flag should mean an instruction is merely permitted in the VLE mode 
and then other flags would actually drive enabling the instruction -- an 
extra opcode flag might be required to enable base set VLE instructions 
that are always available with a lone -mvle option as I reckon they are a 
superset of the base standard Power instruction set.  That flag, say 
PPC_OPCODE_VLE_BASE or PPCVLEB, would be ORed in the mask to match against 
with -mvle itself.  That flag would also be used for instructions valid in 
the VLE mode only (E_* and SE_* mnemonics), that would otherwise never be 

 So for example EVADDW would only be enabled whevener -mvle and -mspe are 
used both at the same time, likewise VADDUBS would only work with -mvle 
and -maltivec and with a lone -mvle neither of these instructions would be 
enabled.  The disassembler would work accordingly -- choosing the right 
instruction to dump based on the architecture selected or inferred from 
ELF object flags and the VLE section attribute.


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