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Re: [GOLD] How can I add a undefined symbol in target implementation, not by "-u SYM" from command line ?

On 08/14/2012 12:39 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 8:30 PM, Jiong WANG <> wrote:
2012/8/13 Ian Lance Taylor <>:
On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 3:25 AM, Jiong WANG <> wrote:
How can I predefine a undefined symbol in target implementation?

   actually, I am porting gold for tilegx, and our arch's tls
implementation requires predefiniation of "_tls_get_addr" because the
assembler generate relocation which use this symbol implicitly.

    I know there are interfaces,  "define_in_output_data/segment" to
predefined symbol with value, but there is no interface to predefine
"undefined" symbol ?

    gold linker do support this by command line "-u SYMBOL",  but it's
a compile time decision not link time.

currently, I managed to support this by the following ugly code:

     options::parse_set(NULL, "_tls_get_addr",

which is bad, so, could anyone give me some suggestion on this?

I assume that the symbol is defined somewhere. You probably want to add a do_is_defined_by_abi method to your Target. See the examples in existing targets.
Hi Ian & all, thanks for your suggestion.

I have explored do_is_defined_by_abi, and found it's mostly to avoid
warning, but not for creating such a symbol

do_is_defined_by_abi has one argument of the type "const Symbol*",  so
when it's invoked, that symbol should already existed.
   basically, I want to create a symbol which is neither against
section or segment, just a normally external function symbol.
I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

If there is no reference to __tls_get_addr in the object files, why do
you care whether it is defined?

If there is a reference in the object files, then where is it defined?

You seem to be asking how to create an undefined symbol, as though
used with the -u option.  But that makes no sense.  Why would you want
that?  The purpose of the -u option is to add a reference to a symbol
in order to fetch the definition from an archive.
Hi Ian,

thanks for reply.

suppose the following code:

__thread int gd_v = 0x10;

  int cal(int a)
     return a + gd_v;

tilegx gcc will generate the following relocation:

jal tls_gd_call(gd_v), tls_gd_call will actually need linker to treat it like plt@__tls_get_addr

while all other arch, arm/mips/x86 etc, will generate relocation against __tls_get_addr explictly

so, for tilegx arch, the symbol "__tls_get_addr" will not exist in the .o file, while for other arches, it will.

from my understanding, I need to do the following two thing for tilegx arch:

1. when scaned the tls_gd_call relocation, I need to create the symbol "__tls_get_addr", and
make a plt entry for it.
2. when apply relation for tls_gd_call, make the jal instruction jump to plt entry for "__tls_get_addr"

I found there are interfaces like define_in_output_data etc which could predefine symbol, but It seems
they can not defined a symbol with GLOBAL/UND type which is the type of "__tls_get_addr"

this is my problem.

please point out if there are any mistunderstood




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