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Re: [RFA] [ARM] Fix Neon Alignment Syntax acceptance

Matthew Gretton-Dann <matthew.gretton-dann <at>> writes:

> All,
> Please can someone review, and approve the attached patch?
> Most Neon load/store instructions accept an optional alignment
> parameter.  The current syntax accepted by gas requires a comma before
> the alignment parameter.  However, this is not what was originally
> intended, and this patch corrects that.  We still accept the current
> syntax as well.
> This means that the following are now both valid:
> 	VLD1.8 {d0}, [r1, :128]
> 	VLD1.8 {d0}, [r1 :128]
> We disassemble to the second form.
> Proposed ChangeLogs:


I am getting this error with thr 4.7 compiler, is this a code issue or a
compiler issue? I am able to compile teh same code with 4.5 gcc without issues.

/tmp/cc6UDvhG.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc6UDvhG.s:817: Error: bad alignment -- `vld1.16 {d16},[fp:128]'
/tmp/cc6UDvhG.s:850: Error: bad alignment -- `vld1.16 {d0},[r9:128]'
/tmp/cc6UDvhG.s:864: Error: bad alignment -- `vld1.16 {d15},[r7:128]'
/tmp/cc6UDvhG.s:870: Error: bad alignment -- `vld1.16 {d14},[r6:128]'


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