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[GOLD] question about gold handling SPARC style .rela.plt, .rela.plt overlapping

Hi David & Ian,

currently, I am porting gold linker for a private target which allow PLTREL overlapping

so, I met exactly the same problem as you have discussed two years ago

I see you have done a fix with the following logic:

1. .rela.dyn, .rela.plt are seperate
2. generate DT_RELA only when there is .rela.dyn, and DT_RELASZ be the total size of both .rela.dyn and .rela.plt

But, If there is no .rela.dyn, without DT_RELA, it seems dynamic linker behave incorrectly when ELF_MACHINE_PLTREL_OVERLAP defined

I checked the implementation of _ELF_DYNAMIC_DO_RELOC in glib

# define _ELF_DYNAMIC_DO_RELOC(RELOC, reloc, map, do_lazy, skip_ifunc, test_rel)

without DT_REL or DT_RELA, ranges[0] are not initialized properly.

So, should we always generate DT_RELA, DT_RELASZ, DT_RELAENT, and make DT_RELA, DT_RELASZ exactly the same value as DT_JMPREL, DT_PLTRELSZ ?

that is, for the following condition check in Layout::add_target_dynamic_tags

4344 if (dyn_rel != NULL && dyn_rel->output_section() != NULL)
4345 {
4346 odyn->add_section_address(use_rel ? elfcpp::DT_REL : elfcpp::DT_RELA,
4347 dyn_rel->output_section());
4348 if (plt_rel != NULL
4349 && plt_rel->output_section() != NULL
4350 && dynrel_includes_plt)

should we check dynrel_includes_plt even when dyn_rel == NULL ?

or I have misunderstood something ?

thanks very much


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