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Re: cross building binutils?

Hans-Peter Nilsson <> wrote:

> On Tue, 15 May 2012, Anonymous wrote:
> > Do I need to have all the directories containing header files and
> > libraries I'll build against present during the build of binutils, or only
> > when I want to assemble and link against them?
> I wish I could just say "look in src/binutils/README for answers
> to all your questions", but that doesn't really fit; it doesn't
> say you *don't* need target headers and libraries, but of course
> it doesn't say a lot of other things you don't need to do (but
> that you need for e.g. building gcc). :-] 

In this case I have gcc but no binutils! That's why I asked for the
"official" info, since I haven't found anything helpful.

> Besides, you might
> want to consider using the --with-sysroot option to point at a
> location for your libraries.  See the fine documentation on
> --sysroot.

Yes, I am using that but I didn't see how to use multiple --with-sysroot to
point to the header files.

> Besides, IIRC there are (or used to be) the odd system where you
> *do* need headers at time of building binutils, e.g. hppa-hpux.
> But now forget that previous sentence unless you have a specific
> interest there; you're more likely to cross-build for a current
> hosted target or embedded target.  Of course it'd help if you
> mention what targets you have in mind.

I am trying to do this on a Linux host with various Solaris and MIPS

> > That is, does binutils need
> > to know about paths to things when it's built or can that be done
> > afterwards. And is it possible and advisable to build for multiple targets
> > or should it be built once for each target. Thank you.
> src/binutils/README mentions --enable-targets, but that's just
> for auxiliary tools like objdump; inspection of the object
> formats - including disassembly.  It doesn't really work for
> the assembler and linker.  Incidentally, there's enough of
> skeleton support to trick someone who RTFS.

What is RTFS? I know RTFM but...

> Separate builds, one for each target.

Thank you for the help.

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