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Re: m68k-atari-mint target

On 08/04/2010 18:32, Nick Clifton wrote:
Would it be possible to include this patch into the official binutils
sources ?

Yes - there are three conditions however:

Hello again, Nick.

1. You will need to have a Binutils FSF copyright assignment in place
in for us to be able to accept the patch. I have attached the
email form that you will need to fill out and send off in order to
start this process.

Done. And Guido Flohr, who is the original author of the patch, also signed the papers. So I can now legally contribute.

2. Someone (probably you) will need to volunteer to be a maintainer
for the m68k-atari-mint port, making sure that it continues to work
into the future, and even improving it if you want to.

Ok, I agree.

3. The patch must not break any of the currently existing ports. (I
assume that it does not, but I will check this once conditions 1
and 2 are satisfied).

I don't think it breaks anything.

You can see the first, informative version of my patch there:

If the new m68k-atari-mint target is going to be accepted, I will continue working on that patch following your instructions, until it is fully committed.


Vincent Rivière

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