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Re: RFC: Add --plugin-gcc option to ar/nm

"H.J. Lu" <> writes:

> Hi,
> ---plugin option for ar/nm is very long.  I am proposing to add
> a  --plugin-gcc option.  It can be implemented with
> 1. Move LTOPLUGINSONAME from gcc to config/plugins.m4.
> 2. Define LTOPLUGINSONAME for ar/nm.
> 3. For --plugin-gcc, ar/nm call popen using environment variable GCC if set,
> or gcc with -print-prog-name=$LTOPLUGINSONAM to get
> plugin name.
> Any comments?

I had some old patches for gcc-ar, gcc-nm etc. That's similar how 
other compilers do it.

With that it doesn't matter how long the option is.

The original feedback was that shell wrapper were not portable enough.
I actually did C based wrappers recently, but haven't submitted them

I think wrappers are preferable over shorter options because they
are easier to use and easier to fit into existing makefiles.

The best long term direction probably would be to put a reference
to the plugin into the object files and let BFD find it itself. This
would be most compatible with existing Makefiles. But that would need
more work.


-- -- Speaking for myself only

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