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Re: binutils-2.20.1a replaced by 2.20.1 and so 2.21.1a?

On Aug 30, 2011, at 11:46 AM, Steffen Dettmer wrote:

> Hi,
> I missed the information why 2.21.1a replaced 2.21.1. I read it
> only includes some more files. Where they simply forgotten and
> re-added?
> I think I have almost no issue, because I could simply rename
> 2.21.1a to 2.21.1 (some build scripts assume that the version
> from tarball equals the directory name included), correct?


I was about to write a message to this mailing list once the process was completed but it isn't yet.

This was a license issue raised by the FSF: some files were derived from cgen files, but these cgen files weren't included in the tarballs.  We were asked by the FSF to repackage all the incomplete tarballs.

As this is a tedious task (and many thanks to Nick Clifton for creating the new tarballs), we only repackage the last minor version of each major release (ie 2.21.1a replaces all 2.21.xx releases and so on).

Currently only 2.20.1a and 2.21.1a are published.  There is a technical issue with uploading the old one (that should be addressed soon).

> ps:
> BTW, removing 2.21.1 from breaks
> easy reproducibility of build instructions; I really like that
> here even versions from 1996 are kept.  Cool URIs don't change
> ( :-)

Sorry for that.


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