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Remaining cgen cpu files have now been contributed to the FSF

Hi Guys,

  The remaining cgen cpu files that were used to build files in the
  opcodes directory, but which were under copyright to Red Hat, have now
  been contributed.  As a part of this contribution I have also moved
  the files from the cgen/cpu directory to the top level cpu directory.

  This also means that future binutils release tarballs will be in
  compliance with the GPL.  Previous release tarballs were not in
  compliance because they did not provide these cpu files and so some
  files in the opcodes directory could not be rebuilt.

  We are in the process of updating the release tarballs on the FSF ftp
  site to include the missing files.


2011-08-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* (CPUDIR): Redfine to point to top level cpu
	(stamp-frv): Use CPUDIR.
	(stamp-iq2000): Likewise.
	(stamp-lm32): Likewise.
	(stamp-m32c): Likewise.
	(stamp-mt): Likewise.
	(stamp-xc16x): Likewise.
	* Regenerate.

2011-08-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* fr30.cpu: Newly contributed file.
	* fr30.opc: Likewise.
	* ip2k.cpu: Likewise.
	* ip2k.opc: Likewise.
	* mep-avc.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-avc2.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-c5.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-core.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-default.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-ext-cop.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-fmax.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-h1.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-ivc2.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-rhcop.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep-sample-ucidsp.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep.cpu: Likewise.
	* mep.opc: Likewise.
	* openrisc.cpu: Likewise.
	* openrisc.opc: Likewise.
	* xstormy16.cpu: Likewise.
	* xstormy16.opc: Likewise.

2011-08-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* cpu/fr30.cpu: Delete.  Move to top level cpu directory.
	* cpu/fr30.opc: Likewise.
	* cpu/ip2k.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/ip2k.opc: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-avc.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-avc2.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-c5.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-core.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-default.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-ext-cop.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-fmax.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-h1.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-ivc2.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-rhcop.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep-sample-ucidsp.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/mep.opc: Likewise.
	* cpu/openrisc.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/openrisc.opc: Likewise.
	* cpu/xstormy16.cpu: Likewise.
	* cpu/xstormy16.opc: Likewise.

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