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Re: .reloc improvement

Alan Modra <> writes:
> This patch makes some improvements to relocations emitted by the
> .reloc directive:
> 1) A symbol on these relocs is converted to section symbol plus offset
>    if the symbol satisifes S_IS_LOCAL and some section related
>    conditions.  For example, forward/backward labels like "1f", and
>    ELF locals like .L123 will be converted.  This helps keep the
>    symbol table tidy.
> 2) These relocations are merge sorted with the normal fixup relocs,
>    instead of being emitted after the fixup relocs.  A merge sort
>    ought to be sufficient;  If someone generates .reloc with offsets
>    out of order then I'd say they obviously don't care about reloc
>    sorting!
> 3) Time taken to find .reloc frags should be considerably better
>    than it used to be.
> 	* write.c (resolve_reloc_expr_symbols): Convert local symbols
> 	on relocs to section+offset.
> 	(get_frag_for_reloc): New function.
> 	(write_relocs): Merge sort fixup relocs with those from .reloc
> 	directives.

Thanks for doing this.  The relaxation might need to be conditional
for some REL targets though.  E.g. one of the main .reloc uses for
MIPS is to add an R_MIPS_JALR hint to say where an indirect PIC call
actually goes.  There's no room in the instruction itself for an
in-place addend, so on REL targets, the addend needs to be zero.

It's very unlikely anyone would use R_MIPS_JALR with local labels,
but the same might apply to other relocs (especially PC-relative relocs)
for which the relocation field is smaller than an address.

Maybe one way would be to create a fake, temporary fixup and pass
that to tc_fix_adjustable.  Doesn't feel very clean though. :-)


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