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Re: [PATCH] MIPS/GAS/testsuite: Fine-grained MIPS FP ISA matching

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011, Richard Sandiford wrote:

> >  While merging test suite changes I've noticed some recent 24K erratum 
> > workaround cases have suboptimal coverage.  Upon further investigation I 
> > discovered we have no proper mechanism to depend on for FP ISA revisions 
> > in multi-architecture tests.  Therefore I decided to make one up.
> Well, to put it into perspective, the only change you make related to
> the "FP ISA" is to run a single 24k test for ISAs that are incompatible
> with the 24k.  Of all the things we need more test coverage for,
> that has to be way down the list.

 ;)  If anyhow at all I decided to do it properly.

 But you're right in principle and I have now skimmed over the tests we 
run and adjusted these I remembered to be qualifying too.  Below is the 
result.  There may be more candidates, especially with some cases we don't 
currently run across multiple subarchitectures.  This is good enough for 
now though, I think.  I've checked it does the right thing.

> But, patch is OK I guess.

 Thanks for the review.  I think it will make sense if I merge the two 
changes into one and commit them together.  Do you agree?

2011-08-10  Maciej W. Rozycki  <>

	* gas/mips/mips.exp: Define new "fpisa3", "fpisa4" and "fpisa5"
	architecture properties adding them to "mips3", "mips4", "mips5"
	and "mips32r2" architectures.  Use the new properties for the
	"24k-triple-stores-1", "24k-triple-stores-3", "mips4-fp",
	"mips5" and "alnv_ps-swap" tests.


Index: binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt/gas/testsuite/gas/mips/mips.exp
--- binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt.orig/gas/testsuite/gas/mips/mips.exp	2011-08-10 15:48:49.000000000 +0100
+++ binutils-fsf-trunk-quilt/gas/testsuite/gas/mips/mips.exp	2011-08-10 15:51:58.000000000 +0100
@@ -627,14 +627,14 @@ if { [istarget mips*-*-vxworks*] } {
     if $elf { run_dump_test "lif-svr4pic" }
     if $elf { run_dump_test "lif-xgot" }
     run_dump_test_arches "mips4"	[mips_arch_list_matching mips4]
-    run_dump_test_arches "mips4-fp"	[mips_arch_list_matching mips4]
+    run_dump_test_arches "mips4-fp"	[mips_arch_list_matching fpisa4]
     run_list_test_arches "mips4-fp" "-32 -msoft-float" \
-					[mips_arch_list_matching mips4]
+					[mips_arch_list_matching fpisa4]
     run_dump_test_arches "mips4-branch-likely" \
 					[mips_arch_list_matching mips4]
     run_list_test_arches "mips4-branch-likely" "-32 -msoft-float" \
 					[mips_arch_list_matching mips4]
-    run_dump_test_arches "mips5"	[mips_arch_list_matching mips5]
+    run_dump_test_arches "mips5"	[mips_arch_list_matching fpisa5]
     run_dump_test "mul"
     run_dump_test_arches "rol"		[mips_arch_list_matching mips1 !ror]
@@ -1030,9 +1030,7 @@ if { [istarget mips*-*-vxworks*] } {
     run_dump_test "mips32-sync"
     run_dump_test_arches "mips32r2-sync" \
 					[mips_arch_list_matching mips32r2]
-    run_dump_test_arches "alnv_ps-swap" [lsort -dictionary -unique [concat \
-					[mips_arch_list_matching mips5] \
-					[mips_arch_list_matching mips32r2] ] ]
+    run_dump_test_arches "alnv_ps-swap" [mips_arch_list_matching fpisa5]
     run_dump_test_arches "cache" [lsort -dictionary -unique [concat \
 					[mips_arch_list_matching mips3] \
 					[mips_arch_list_matching mips32] ] ]

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